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Why spend New Year’s Eve in Scotland?

Scotland evokes a unique allure, and for a long time, we've been planning to visit it with you, Terranians. So, whether in a playful or serious spirit, an interesting idea has sprouted. Cold, mist, kilts, haunted castles, lochs with monsters, traditional dances, a bit of whisky to warm us up... What if we spend New Year's Eve in an authentic way at the famous Hogmanay Festival in Edinburgh, have fun with the locals, and take advantage of the opportunity to visit some of Scotland's iconic places?

First of all, let us tell you about the New Year's Eve atmosphere, an experience that will both impress and amuse us.

You know that winter weather in Scotland can be as changeable as a random playlist? But the Scots have a wonderful trick: a continuous supply of whisky. So, if the temperatures drop, let's do as they do! Raise the glass and say we're warming up with a bit of Scottish "spirit. "

How about wearing kilts at the festival? If we want to blend in, we must wear one! If you're not a fan, we can at least put on a tasseled hat to feel in tune with the local spirit.

Scots love to dance, so we'll admire them at the ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee"). Who knows, maybe we'll learn a traditional move! If it doesn't catch on with us, we'll just sway to the rhythm of the music, and it'll be okay.

We should try haggis, the Scottish national dish, even if it sounds a bit eccentric! If we don't like the taste of minced and spiced sheep organs, we can console ourselves with shortbread, the traditional Scottish dessert. It's like crispy cookies with a lemon or vanilla flavor.

At midnight, we'll be enveloped in the spectacle of fireworks lighting up above Edinburgh Castle. We won't miss the chance to shout "Bliadhna mhath ur! " (pronounced "blee-un-a va oor"), meaning "Happy New Year! " in Scottish Gaelic. It sounds complicated, but it will surely work out!

So, get ready for an unforgettable party! We'll smile, dance, and who knows, by the end of the night, we might be friends with everyone as we clink glasses... "Slàinte mhath!" (pronounced "slan-ge va," meaning "Good health!")

We invite you to join us in this unique getaway, and we'll undoubtedly have many memorable moments. Both on New Year's Eve, before, and after!

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