Wondering who we are, the people of the Terra Incognita team? Briefly, we are guides with adventurous souls, meticulous travel planners, experts in different cultures and various destinations – all working cohesively to offer you unique experiences.

And to ensure you enjoy memorable journeys, our team goes above and beyond to turn your dreams into reality. With a passion for the world's diversity, our team, currently consisting of 15 individuals, possesses profound knowledge about the cultures, attractions, and authentic ways you can discover Terra's destinations.

Our passionate guides are perpetual travelers, ready to unveil the most fascinating stories and hidden treasures of each destination. They are the most qualified to present a country's attractions, reveal hidden gems, guide you through dreamlike areas, and accompany you with smiles throughout the journey.

But before our guides peacefully embark on various tours or adventures, others, behind the scenes, are taking care of all organizational matters. Experts in planning trips from A to Z, our organizers create new or personalized itineraries on specific themes, ensuring that every phase of the journey is perfectly arranged. Flight ticket reservations, accommodation, transportation throughout the journey, optional excursions – everything is taken into account!

However, the teamwork doesn't end there. Behind Terra Incognita, there are our colleagues who handle registrations and reservations, our technical and IT support specialists, as well as the financial department that manages the paperwork. Moreover, we strive to maintain an attractive presence on social platforms, answer your various questions, provide assistance in unforeseen situations, and keep an eye on what's new in the tourism industry to always offer you the best experiences.

In conclusion, we are all here for you. Life is a journey, and we aim to make it as enjoyable as possible!