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General Terms of Use for the website www.terra-trips.com

Chapter I Overview

This document refers to the terms of use for the website www.terra-trips.com. Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions represents an agreement between the User and TERRANIENII CALATORESC S. R. L.

The website www.terra-trips.com is owned by the company TERRANIENII CALATORESC S. R. L. , located in Domnesti, Baboi Street, No. 105F, Ilfov county, registered with the Trade Registry under No. J23/2103/2021, VAT ID 44036634 (hereinafter referred to as "Terra Incognita").

Please read this document carefully before using the www.terra-trips.com website.

By using this site, accessing, or using any part of it, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions in full, without any restrictions or limitations. If you do not agree with one or more points described in this document, you cannot use this site.
If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions presented in this documentation, then you should not continue accessing our website and/or using our services.
The website presents all the information regarding the products and services offered by the company for Users who accept its Terms and Conditions.
These Terms and Conditions apply to all users of our online platform, including, without limitation, Users who are browsers, suppliers, customers, merchants, and/or content distributors, etc.
We reserve the right to update, modify, or replace any part or detail of our Terms and Conditions, with such elements also being subject to these Terms and Conditions.
Continuing to use or access our online platform after these changes / updates/ replacements to the Terms and Conditions implies your acceptance and constitutes an agreement between you and TERRANIENII CALATORESC S. R. L.
Please be informed that these Terms and Conditions represent the latest version.

Chapter II Terms and Definitions

Within this site, the terms and expressions used have the following meanings:
- "we, " "our": refers to TERRANIENII CALATORESC S. R. L.
- Site/online platform: refers to the website www.terra-trips.com
- Client: any natural or legal person who has identified a product of interest on the site and has submitted a request to Terra Incognita regarding that product via email/phone or in any other means of communication.
- User: any natural or legal person who accesses www.terra-trips.com site or any part of it in any way.
- Specifications: all and/or any specifications, documents, information of any kind, including but not limited to descriptions of services/goods marketed by Terra Incognita.
- Link: refers to a keyword or address of an external or internal site which, when clicked, initiates the visit to a webpage.
- Products/Services: The predetermined combination of at least two of the following three groups of services, provided that their uninterrupted duration exceeds 24 hours or includes an overnight stay, namely, transportation, accommodation, and other services unrelated to transportation or accommodation or not accessory to these, and which represent a significant part of the package of tourist services, such as: catering, spa treatment, recreation, and other similar services.

Chapter III Purpose

The purpose of this site is to allow Users to obtain information about the offers and travel programs of Terra Incognita, information about the destinations promoted by Terra Incognita, subscribe to newsletters, and opportunities to purchase products/services promoted by Terra Incognita.
It is also mentioned that any use for purposes other than these is not allowed.

Chapter IV Intellectual Property Rights

The content of the www.terra-trips.com website (including, for example, but not limited to: the logo, brand, texts, graphics, photographs, software, logos, and any other materials on the site, etc. ), as well as those communicated via email, are the property of Terra Incognita and are protected by copyright, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights.
No material from the www.terra-trips.com website can be reproduced in whole and/or in part without the prior written consent of Terra Incognita.
The creation of links to this site without the express prior written consent of Terra Incognita is prohibited. In the event of such situations, Terra Incognita assumes no responsibility for the websites to which it may be linked, for the materials posted on these sites by persons other than those expressly authorized by Terra Incognita, for the form, content, advertising, products, or other materials available on these sites, reserving the right to request the sanctioning of the perpetrator according to the current legislation.
We reserve the right to suspend or limit access to any User in case of suspicion of fraudulent, abusive, or unauthorized activity.

Chapter V General Conditions

Terra Incognita has the right to modify the content and format of the www.terra-trips.com platform without being limited in any way temporally or spatially.
Terra Incognita has the right to interrupt or permanently or temporarily restrict (depending on the situation), without any prior notice and without the need for a prior procedure, the services provided to the User through the online platform.

Chapter VI Product/Service Details

The products and services presented on the site represent the products and services marketed by Terra Incognita.
If the User wants to know more information about a specific product/service, they have the possibility to contact Terra Incognita by email/phone for additional information.
The information presented on the site regarding the products and services of Terra Incognita is for informational purposes only, and these may change between the time of publication on the site and the actual purchase by the User/Client, depending on the situation. It is mentioned that the purchase of products/services is made in accordance with the provisions indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

Chapter VII Order/Purchase Procedure

The ordering of products/services presented on the www.terra-trips.com website is made directly to Terra Incognita either by email at the email address office@terra-trips.com or at the address indicated on the site, or by phone order.

Users have the obligation to directly verify with Terra Incognita to what extent the information and data on the site are up-to-date in full and/or in part. If the User does not do so, Terra Incognita is exempt from any liability.

The actual purchase of products/services is made exclusively based on a contract concluded between the Client and Terra Incognita, and the payment and invoicing of these shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the contract concluded between the parties and under the agreed conditions.

The contract will be considered concluded when the offer of products/services drawn up and communicated by Terra Incognita to the Client has been accepted by the latter. The manifestation of acceptance/intention to accept can be done in any way, there being no standard form in this regard, but the written manifestation of acceptance is preferred.

Chapter VIII Cancellation Policy

In the event that the Client intends to renounce, regardless of the reasons, to the products/services purchased from Terra Incognita, they have the obligation to formulate in writing the renunciation request and to communicate it to Terra Incognita at the email address office@www.terra-trips.com.
If the Client renounces, through their fault, to the travel service package that is the subject of the contract concluded between the parties, in the case of on-demand services or standard offers, they owe Terra Incognita penalties as follows:
(a) the advance payment made at the time of concluding the contract if the renunciation occurs after the payment of the amount.
(b) 100% of the price of the service package if the renunciation occurs after the full payment of the service package.
In the event of renunciation before the conclusion of the contract between the parties, the Client owes no sum to Terra Incognita, except for the amounts already advanced by the latter (if applicable).
Penalties also apply if the Client does not arrive on time at the airport or departure location, if they cannot travel because they do not have the necessary documents, if they are turned back at the border by the Border Police, or in any other situation due to the fault of the Client and/or not generated by Terra Incognita.
If an embassy refuses to grant an entry visa for the provision of services/service package, the Client will be charged all fees paid by Terra Incognita to direct service providers, as well as its own operating expenses.
If the Client who has entered the territory of the state where the services/service package is carried out refuses to return to Romania and the authorities in that country incur any expenses with them, the Client must bear all these expenses, which cannot be attributed to Terra Incognita.

Chapter IX Processing of Personal Data

The processing of personal data will be carried out in full compliance with the Terra Incognita policy described in the "Processing of Personal Data" document published on the www.terra-trips.com website.

Chapter X Disclaimer

All data and information used to describe destinations, hotels/accommodations/packages available on the Site, including images of any kind, multimedia presentations, etc. , do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of Terra Incognita; they are used exclusively for informative purposes.
Access and use of the www.terra-trips.com webpage by a third party are at the User's own risk, and Terra Incognita cannot be legally liable in any way.
Terra Incognita assumes no responsibility, express or implied, regarding the availability, accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the site or the information provided on it, and neither for the update of the information on the site.
Under no circumstances will Terra Incognita be liable for any direct/indirect, incidental, consequential damages, regardless of their nature, arising from or in connection with your use and/or inability to use the website.
Users have the obligation to directly verify with Terra Incognita to what extent the information and data on the site are up-to-date in full and/or in part. If the User does not do so, Terra Incognita is exempt from any liability.

Chapter XI Prohibited Uses of Terra Incognita Services

Users do not have the right to use the information published on the www.terra-trips.com website for any purpose other than that for which it was published.
Terra Incognita is exempt from any liability if the User intends to use the data and information for a purpose other than that intended and declared.

Chapter XII Links to Third Parties

The www.terra-trips.com platform may host advertising materials belonging to third parties, including connections/links to other web pages/resources belonging to third parties.
All these links/connections are provided for the User's convenience. Their existence and/or access do not imply acceptance or responsibility on the part of Terra Incognita regarding their content.
Terra Incognita has no responsibility of any kind regarding the access to these pages and their content, regardless of their nature, and Terra Incognita has no control over the nature, content, and validity of these websites.

Chapter XIII Conflict Resolution. Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Romanian law.
Any disagreements regarding these Terms and Conditions, regardless of their nature, will be amicably resolved by the parties involved.
In the event that an amicable resolution is not possible, they will be brought for resolution to the competent courts in Bucharest, Romania.