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Insight Barcelona’s Architecture

4th-9th of September 2024
Enjoy our tour in Barcelona focused on architecture and urbanism, perfect for architecture enthusiasts, experts or professionals, as well as for groups and students.

Cappadocia and Turkey’s UNESCO treasures

7th - 12th of September 2024
Discover the idyllic landscapes of Cappadocia, underground cities, and other UNESCO treasures, along with authentic Turkish culinary delights. An unforgettable journey!

Alsace – Christmas Markets in Fairytale Towns

27th of November - 1st of December 2024
A magical experience in the heart of Alsace, where you will discover the fairytale atmosphere of the Christmas Markets and enchanting attractions in Colmar, Strasbourg, and Mulhouse.

Lapland – Santa’s Village and the Northern Lights

30th of November - 8th of December 2024
We invite you, along with your children, to join us in Lapland! We'll visit Santa Claus in his village, travel on the Santa Express, admire the Northern Lights, explore marvelous Helsinki, and much more.

New Year’s Eve in Scotland – Castles and Traditions

28th of December 2024 - 3rd of January 2025
We invite you to spend a magical New Year's Eve in Scotland! Stay in a beautiful manor, discover the secrets of whisky at authentic distilleries, explore Edinburgh and admire the West Highlands or Glasgow.

Il Ballo del Doge and the Carnival of Venice

26th of February - 1st of March 2025
Experience the exclusive Il Ballo del Doge at the Venice Carnival—a once-in-a-lifetime enchantment! Venice, Murano, and Burano promise magical moments and surprises!

The Cologne Carnival – European Traditions

27th of February - 4th of March 2025
Feel the euphoria of the Cologne Carnival in the heart of Germany! Situated at the confluence of three European cultures, we'll have the chance to explore other Western European cities like Maastricht and Liege.