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Il Ballo del Doge and the Carnival of Venice

26th of February - 1st of March 2025
Experience the exclusive Il Ballo del Doge at the Venice Carnival—a once-in-a-lifetime enchantment! Venice, Murano, and Burano promise magical moments and surprises!

Nice Carnival and French Riviera

26th of February - 2nd of March 2025
Get ready for a dazzling tale amidst the stunning backdrop of Nice, the city that annually transforms into a carousel of colors and lights during a spectacular carnival.

The Cologne Carnival – European Traditions

27th of February - 4th of March 2025
Feel the euphoria of the Cologne Carnival in the heart of Germany! Situated at the confluence of three European cultures, we'll have the chance to explore other Western European cities like Maastricht and Liege.

The Rio Carnival – Brazil’s Tropical Magic

28th of February - 9th of March 2025
A once-in-a-lifetime experience: the spectacular Carnival of Rio! We invite you on a magnificent journey where we will dance samba, relax on stunning beaches, and visit iconic places of Brazil, all in a dreamlike setting.